Phase 1

Phase 1 (1965- 1975)

Prem Singh - right from his childhood, was exposed to the art of weaving, embroidery, toy-making, carpentry, clay-modeling, calligraphy, drawing and painting. All this gave him an insight into the spirit of creativity in man.

His early doodles and drawings earned him the admiration of his childhood friends and teachers. Grandfather Mohan Singh, father Arjan Singh and mother Mohinder Kaur had all praise for his artistic talent and encouraged him.

His father was a talented artist. Proving his talent at the Art School was just a natural course for him. He studied art with all religious devotion. Observing nature and studying artistic expressions created over the centuries by master artists of the East and West further honed his skill and refined his imagination. Art became a life-long passion for Prem Singh. The task was arduous and the journey was long.

While he was at the Art School his painting ‘Flower Vase' was exhibited in a special exhibition organized by Guest Keen Williams – a Calcutta based company in 1964-65. The aim was to discover new talent who would one day be the important Indian Artists. One of the twelve e paintings selected for the Company's calendar was that of Prem Singh.

Prem Singh's early works are marked by his childhood games. A strong sense of colour, form and texture is what distinguishes his work of this period.

Few of the important works of this phase
Gouache on paper
Gouache on paper
Gouache on handmade paper
Ink and Watercolour on handmade paper

His childhood fascination for images of Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanumann is also featured in his work. Here in his drawings and paintings he has tried to give a human dimension to his dear Lords in order to minimize the distance between the Deity and the devotee that has been created over the centuries by the religious practitioners in our society. This was indeed a very significant departure from the conventional practice in the painting of the images of the Deities in India Prem Singh's work have a remarkable air of fidelity to experience even when the form is largely expressionistic.

Ink and Watercolour on handmade paper




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