Phase 2

Phase 2 (1976- 1986)

By now his assimilation of the majestic strength and lyrical grace of Indian art and the will to discover the modernity within started reflecting in his work.

The late seventies witnessed a major change in his approach to painting. While rummaging through the pages of art history he realized that the artists have laid special emphasis on the facial features and gestures of hands to express emotions and feelings of their painted figures. This raised a query in his mind, the answer to this was found in a small fragment of a stone sculpture which in spite of this could tell the story of an era. And the quest began to discover an approach by which one can express emotions and feelings without the help of the facial features and the gestures of hands.

The veil that Indian woman wears entered the imagination of Prem Singh. A woman clad in veil has all the firmness and sculpturesque grace. In addition the veil also manifests her nature that is not to reveal her 'self'. In a way it is also symbolic of the Indian womanhood.

Prem Singh painted the veiled women of Punjab for more than a decade. The 'cry' of the beloved Punjab in the eighties is no where better heard then in the drawings and paintings done by him. The work of this period is not only significant but gave Prem Singh a distinct identity in the world of art.

Few of the important works of this phase
Painting1 Painting2
Painting3 Painting4

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