Phase 3

Phase 3 (1987- 1998)

The 1990 was observed as the Death Centenary year of Vincent Van Gogh (1854-1890). His passion and commitment is what inspired Prem Singh most. An urge to meet Vincent Van Gogh in ‘person’ through an 'imaginary flight' to his century culminated into a series of paintings on this great artist. The appeal of these works were so strong and distinct that Dr. Geeta Kapoor, an art critic of International acclaim included one of his pictures from this series in her curated show entitled “Hundred Years of Modern Art in India from the NGMA Collection (1890-1990)”. For Prem Singh it was a great moment as his work was displayed alongwith the great masters of Indian Contemporary Art (Rabindranath Tagore, Amrita Sher-gil, Jamini Roy, Sailoz Mukherjee) at the National Gallery in 1991.

Then came the year 1994 when his three ink and watercolour drawings were selected by the national jury for display in the Indian section of Eighth Triennale India. A three-man international jury comprising William Lieberman (U.S.A.), Doug Hall (Australia) and Satish Gujral (India) impressed by his work selected for the coveted Triennale India International Award. Here again Prem Singh proved that a medium like ink and watercolour which the oilists think a thing of the past can still be a powerful medium of creative expression.

Few of the important works of this phase
Gouache on paper
Gouache on paper
Ink and Watercolour on handmade paper
He drew the inspired images and touched ink which soon spread into the wet passages concretising the water borne images. The ink flowed as effortlessly as the flow of blood in the veins of our body. The result was exciting. Subtle tones, pulsating textures and the spontaneous structuring of the form enriched Indian Contemporary Art. He worked on Chinese rice paper and produced interesting works. In doing so he realized for the first time that the brush is not only meant for applying the colour but one can also breathe through it. And this definitely infused a new life to his work.

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